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Suck the Bunny

Suck the Bunny is a multi-talented singer, writer and producer that is never afraid to push the boundaries of his music. Beats often collide violently into oceans of lush vocals and schizophrenic synths.

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a thousand sunsets.jpg

A Thousand Sunsets


Spaghetti Western.jpg

Spaghetti Western


children of widows art.jpg

Children of Widows


Spaghetti Western.jpg

Pop (live from budokan)



Demons Remixed






What's in a name?

As names go, 'Suck the Bunny' comes across to most as a strange bit of silly nonsense. Some interpret it somewhere short of vulgar yet in an ascending orbit with sexual innuendo and then there's those who perceive a thick rolling esoteric fog in almost anything they do not understand. In reality its origin was pulled from deep within the heart of a vast, dark, pulsing violence that shattered the fragile gates of dawn forever and ever.

'Suck the Bunny' is a reference to the 2005 Beslan School Massacre in Beslan Russia. On the very first day of school hundreds of children and their mothers were taken hostage by heavily armed extremists, held at gunpoint in a gymnasium lined with bombs and denied access to bathrooms, food or water for days. The fathers were lined up and shot.

​On the 3rd grueling day one terrified mother, witness to the agony of her children slowly dying of thirst in the sweltering heat, secretly and quietly urinated on a child's tattered stuffed animal, a bunny rabbit no less and urgently began passing the urine soaked bunny around instructing the children to drink, to quench their thirst, to suck the bunny and so they did without complaint or question, providing at least some comfort just seconds before the devastation that drenched their souls with fire gave seed to the Tree of Grief to grow in the shadow of the gates of hell.

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